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Benefits of having an office in a Business Centre

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Leasing an office in a business centre has many great advantages, and is appealing to small and start up businesses for many reasons. Here is a list of the top 5 benefits worth considering.

1. Professional Environment - surrounding yourself with other like minded business professionals can be an asset to your new business. It can also create an environment that allows or encourages focus and concentration.

2. Expenses are kept to a minimum - many business centres offer a wholesome package that includes office space and amenities that will help you to run your operation more cost effectively. The lease payments are known to include internet, air conditioning, power, security and regular cleaning of all common area facilities. For small or start up businesses the idea of not having to sign up to long term contracts can help remove the fear of financial commitment and cut back costs which can be very crucial especially in those early days of business.

3. Location - Aside from a good business plan, it is important to find the right location. Luckily most business centres are based in the hub of many CBD's. Office spaces in these premium areas can be very expensive, however a business centre enables you to have a professional looking address which is good for Google Business and an enjoyable place of work for staff and clients.

4. Lease - does the thought of signing up to a year lease scare you? Not to mention the fit out that will need to take place to make the space yours? Many business centres just like EBC (Egmont Business Centre) have short term lease options from as short as only a few months. Therefore if your business grows faster than anticipated you can upgrade without any significant charges.

5. Culture - Being in a building filled with other start ups and small businesses can help you innovate, network and socialise with people facing the same challenges as you.