Solar Powered Businesses

Solar power has peaked our interest in recent times for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that we are surrounded by this free energy so why not put it to good use!

So when we embarked on our latest venture with the Egmont Business Centre (EBC) we began to research more into benefits of solar for an operation such as ours.

It became evident quickly that there was a company in the Solar market who were a stand out for commercial and off-grid large-scale solar systems.

Powersmart Solar understood our needs and aspirations for installing solar and were quickly able to provide the information relating to the site. They provided a layout for the system with the help of their local consultant/installer, which provided a production model for the system that would work best.

We are anticipating on average 50% or more of the power requirement for tenants in the EBC will be supplied by the solar. There will be days that 100% will be solar and then others when nothing is generated and we rely on a main stream electricity supplier.

Sustainability has been a keen goal for Mike and Steve Ekdahl when developing the old Hooker’s building above the popular destinations of Jetcharm and Frederic’s. From maintaining the facade to retain the history of the area to a more modern achievement the Ekdahl brothers have set a standard that proves that history, and modern technology can sit side-by-side.

Featuring LED lighting throughout the building, skylights to maximise natural light and a bank of solar panels on the roof the new Egmont Business Centre is working hard to harness sustainable resources to cater for the businesses within.

The Powersmart Solar system produces 8,978 KW per annum and because the majority of this energy is being used during regular business hours the system provides a positive return on investment of 13.6% and is projected to create 50% of the building’s energy needs.

The long term prospects for this building are just as bright as the energy efficient lights. With the growing availability of energy storage systems such as the Tesla Powerall any excess solar energy can be stored to be used on darker days.

Currently any excess energy generated is sold back to the grid but the goal in the future will be to provide more sustainable energy for the tenants within. One tenant, Thomas Emmerson of Vanguard 86, says the solar energy was a big factor in choosing the Egmont Business Centre for his growing business.

“The attitude Mike and Steve have towards preserving the history of the building, while using modern solutions to create sustainable energy was a huge factor in us choosing to become tenants. Most landlords do the bare minimum when seeking a return on their commercial properties but the fact Mike and Steve are enabling us to lower our carbon footprint is something we value highly.”

The system is a 6.38 kW system which produces 8,978 KW p/a and because the majority of power is being consumed all day within business hours, there is a 13.6% yearly return on investment, as well as a 4,489 kg/pa carbon offset. The system also provides on-line real-time monitoring, which is also great to keep an eye on the performance of our system.

Blog written by Thomas Emmerson From Vanguard 86